Max and the Magic Marker

Max and the Magic Marker 1.04

Physics-based puzzles and platforming


  • Original idea
  • Fun
  • Every level requires inventive uses of pen


  • A little repetitive
  • Very gentle

Very good

Max and the Magic Marker is a mixture of traditional 2D platformer, and physics-based puzzles similar to Crayon Physics.

You control Max, owner of a magic marker, who draws a monster which then comes to life. The game is all about Max trying to stop the monster. Max runs and jumps like a thousand platform characters before him, but if you collect orange ink items, you can draw on the screen with a pen, creating new platforms, shelter, rafts and even weapons to help Max in his quest.

The Magic Marker is controlled with the mouse, while Max requires the keyboard. Hitting Space pauses 'time', allowing you to draw more specialized shapes to help Max.

This family-friendly game is very cute, but it's inventive enough to keep you interested. You are encouraged to use the Magic Marker in interesting ways, and although it's not difficult, it's so much fun you won't want to rush through the levels.

Charming, cute and suitable for all the family, MAx and the Magic Marker is a fantastic cartoon adventure.

Max and the Magic Marker


Max and the Magic Marker 1.04

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